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Gas Safety Checks


Do not endanger yourself or others. Keep your household safe

Why are annual gas checks so important?

Gas appliances in your home can form and develop into carbon monoxide (CO) which is a highly poisonous, odourless and colourless gas, and is extremely harmful when breathed in. 

This is why it is so important for anyone renting a property to be prepared for an engineer to visit the home and carry out an annual gas safety check by following certain procedures. 

Gas Safety Responsibilities

Are you aware of your gas safety responsibilities? As a Landlord, you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants within the home. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), by law you must:

  • Obtain a gas safety certificate

  • Ensure there is an annual gas safety check by arranging for it to be checked

  • Keep a record of each safety check 

Landlords, you must provide existing tenants with a copy of the gas safety check record within 28 days of the check being completed. You must provide a copy of the gas safety check record to prospective tenants before they move in.

Be aware of any signs that are a caution

If your appliance isn’t working as it should be, please look out for warning signs such as yellow flames, extra condensation, any black marks around the appliance or any gas leaks. 

R&O can do the job

R&O Plumbing and Maintenance are here to help! We have trained engineers who are qualified for the gas safety certification. We will assess your boiler /appliances and make sure that they are safe. 

Our job is to ensure that:

  • There are no blocked ventilation passages and are in full working order

  • All safety devices are functioning properly

  • The appliance is burning at the accurate operating temperature/pressure

  • All harmful gases are professionally transferred outside of the home in a clean manner.

We have bespoke rates for landlords with multiple properties and estate agents/ property managers. For more information call our helpful team today 02087357020

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