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Why you should have your drains professionally cleaned

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Do you clean your drains regularly? Do they still drain too slowly? Foul smell? Here’s a few reasons why you should consider having your drains professionally cleaned

Stop the clogs

What’s that smell? That’s right it’s the clogged drain again! Does it seem like no matter what you do nothing works? Grease, Hair, Soup and whatever else that might find its way down your drains are the main reason why your drains are continuously clogging up. The standard plunger can help but having a professional clean your drains will mean they will be able to clear up all the build-up that is causing a persistent problem.

Its safer

Not sure how to clean your drains in an efficient and safe way? Then let the professionals do it. The use of chemicals can give you a temporary fix but in the long term can have a negative effect of your drainage pipes if used persistently. Having a qualified plumber come and clean all your drains will prolong the life of your pipes and reduce the risks of leaks and potentially bursting.

How to prevent clogged drains and pipes

You should try have your drains and pipes inspected at least twice a year, look at these like regular check-ups with your doctor. A doctor will find a problem, diagnose and prescribe a remedy which is exactly what your plumber will do too, Identify and rectify your clogging issues.

Prevention is better than cure, if you would like your drains cleaned out or any other plumbing issues please do contact R & O and we would be more than happy to be of assistance.

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